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AidJoy helps philanthropic heroes solve dire problems ranging from human rights to environmental devastation.
  • We empower a select group of the most needed / unsung charities.
  • Unfortunately, these charities have struggled for many years without the means to achieve their overall mission.
  • With our help the global community finds and supports these formerly unsung charities.
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Hospital Swarm
Hospital Swarm, Iquitos Peru, Amazon Rainforest
Humanitarian Adventure
Hospital Boat Peru 1
River of Skeletons, clip 1
Hospital Boat Peru 1
Hospital Boat Presentation
Hospital Boat Peru Presentation

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Together We Will Solve Dire Problems.

The Catch-22:

Well known charities attract financial support…

however, Charities need financial support to grow public awareness.

AidJoy Fixes The Catch-22:

ngo solutions

  • Without AidJoy's work charities will continue to struggle with daily crises without getting closer to achieving their mission.

Current Project:

Right now we are working with organizations to remedy the extreme lack of availability to medical care in the Peruvian Amazon.

Cost of AidJoy´s Work:

AidJoy's services are provided free of charge to organizations that demonstrate their dedication to resolving a dire problem in the world.

Why Support AidJoy?

  • AidJoy makes world events come alive: Checkout our current videos, photographs, and documentary journalism.
  • AidJoy provides a unique solution for charities.
  • Your support enables AidJoy to train charities how to promote themselves.
  • Your support funds AidJoy's writers, videographers, photographers, programmers, and grant writers.
  • At the completion of an 18 - 22 month process AidJoy's partner charities have the financial and hands-on support necessary to realize their mission.