AidJoy Overview

AidJoy is a conduit and champion for humanitarian causes. Our work results in lives saved, and cycles of poverty ended. This document explains AidJoy’s program for helping charities build capacity in order to solve dire problems.


Mazán Medical Facility Case For Support

Building a modern medical facility in the town of Mazán will fill a huge gap in medical services for the Peruvian Amazon. 45,000 people per year will receive care at this facility, sparking opportunities for expansion of health services and education, partnerships, and sustainable economic development of this rapidly growing region.

Mazán Medical Facility Impact and Growth Potential Study

The town of Mazán (located in the Loreto region of Peru) is identified as an optimal site for a clinic due to a combination of critical needs and strategic location. This document assesses the potential impacts (in health, education, sanitation and capacity building) associated with building a state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art clinic in Mazán.

Rio Orosa Medical Clinic Overview

We are constructing and operating a medical clinic which will be the only consistent source of medical care for over 6,000 people in 33 communities in the Orosa River Basin of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. The services and scope of the clinic are based upon years of care provided for these communities as well as a series of formal interviews with patients and local health promoters in 2011.