Approach to Capacity Building for Charities

The AidJoy Difference

How is AidJoy different from organizations providing service grants, or for-profit businesses that donate their services to charities (like web development, marketing, or business consulting)?  Project based service grants are limited in their impact. Volunteer experts are typically task based, fitting pro bono projects into a regular workday over a limited time. Our approach is systemic and undertaken by experts who have made capacity building their fulltime job.

Our Approach

AidJoy starts by investing time into understanding a charity’s operations and funding model as well as their program; only from this holistic assessment can a framework of support devised. Without this framework, service grants and donated services often result in misappropriated time of a charity’s staff, and underutilized support.

Applied Expertise

AidJoy identifies and overcomes infrastructure weaknesses that prevent charities from deriving maximum benefit from marketing programs. We provide operational expertise before introducing charities to the audiences and supporters that can help them scale, and solve dire problems.


Infrastructure services and support at the level of complexity offered by AidJoy would be financially unrealistic for a small humanitarian charity; AidJoy largely donates its services, finding our own funding through corporations, foundations, or governments.