Community Impact

  • Increase the number of youth accessing existing services

    Allowing youth to passively access information designed to address their fears and learn about services available to them will bring kids out of the shadows

  • Connect kids with services before their circumstances become dire

    Youth thinking of running away may connect with help before circumstances force them into an emergency situation

  • Accurately estimate the number of homeless youth in Greenville County

    Site traffic and behavior tracking will provide a reasonable estimate of at-risk youth, and the specific circumstances with which they are identifying

  • Identify gaps in existing services

    Having a complete list of services for the County along with an estimate of need will facilitate high-level planning

  • Create an evidence-based model for youth outreach via tracking and analytics

    ALL behavior on the site will be tracked. A/B testing will continually improve the site

  • Provide a means of collaboration for providers of homeless youth services

    The site will become an easy-to-access tool for all providers regardless of whether they are using the same technological systems or softwares for their individual operations or data collection.

  • Raise awareness of the issue of homelessness and engage the community

    Our PR campaign will encourage support of homeless providers across the County