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NGO News Letter 1

Hi there friends of AidJoy,

We would like to let you know about all the exciting things that are currently going on at AidJoy.

So grab your favorite beverage, relax, open your mind, and lets dive in!

The last two years have been a roller coaster of a ride as we hammered out AidJoy’s infrastructure and worked to develop and promote our first partner charity, Project Amazonas. We’ve provided them with a website that utilizes e-commerce technology, donor appreciation packets, photography and video production, public relations, corporate relationship building, and technology grants (among others.) Now, we’re looking to put the finishing pieces in place for this current project and start tackling the next challenge. Before we do that, however, we have to introduce Project Amazonas to the world and put them on the road to sustainable growth.

The Project Amazonas Media Trip

Our big ticket item right now is our upcoming trip back to the Amazon. We’re planning to be there January-March to pursue a variety of stories about this unique corner of the world and the work that Project Amazonas does to protect it. After speaking with dozens of journalists we’ve located a select group of well published individuals that see eye to eye with us and are game for joining our mission. They’ve produced stories for all sorts of first-rate media outlets (New York Times, NPR, Conde Nast, Nat Geo Traveler, Afar, Forbes, VQR, The Believer, LA Times) so we’re quite excited to have them aboard.

The stories we’ll be covering range from travel narratives aboard Project Amazonas’ hospital boat to reports from their forest reserves, as well as an in-depth examination of the oil industry and its affect on the environment and the health of the people who call the Amazon “home.” We’ll be pursuing a story about the children of the Amazon and the unique animals they keep as pets, and we may even end up floating down one of the Amazon’s tributaries on a raft comprised of illegally harvested timber (Huck Finn style) as we trace the unfortunate path the jungle takes from virgin forest to sawmill.

We’re really looking forward to getting out of the office, getting our hands dirty, and finishing this project up strong!

What’s Next?

We’re currently exploring a number of issues in India. Given their rapidly expanding economy, their growth in the technology sector, and their sheer population, it’s reasonable to conclude that India will be a very influential player on the World stage for some time to come. What does that mean? It means it’s the perfect place for AidJoy to invest its resources and make a positive difference. If you’re a member of the Directors’ Council, look forward to having a hand in choosing what problem we tackle in India. If you’re not yet a member, then read on. :)

AidJoy’s Directors’ Council

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has joined AidJoy’s Directors’ Council thus far. The fact that this new program is being so well received by you guys really validates all the hard work we’ve put into AidJoy. We couldn’t be more excited about growing our inner circle of contributors and decision makers! For those of you who haven’t heard about this yet, the short explanation is that the Directors’ Council is what is going to allow AidJoy to be a meaningful part of all of our lives for many years to come. You can check it out at https://www.aidjoy.org/directors-council.html, or contact us for the full scoop.

A Unique Gift for the Holidays

YES, we have a unique and personal gift for friends and family this holiday season. Proofed certificates, ready to print and frame, commemorate a donation in a loved one’s name. Check out a sample below and get more info on the certificate here: https://www.aidjoy.org/digital-gift.html

The photograph itself is from a little community we stopped in for the night along the Rio Chambira, on the Peruvian side of the Amazon rainforest.

Jonathan, Mike, and Jim