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Starting a Movement!

Jonathan and I attended Brains on Fire’s Fire Session yesterday! A full day of speakers, food, collaboration, and ideas. Afterwards, my brain was loaded but I didn’t know quite what to make of everything. It hadn’t fully soaked in and I was at a loss as to how I could apply my newly found knowledge […]

Jonathan’s Birthday Party

So Jonathan finally turned 40!!! Ok- so he’s actually only 28 (for like the 8th year running), but it’s fun to give him a hard time. This year we decided to take it easy and have a little get-together at Soby’s in downtown Greenville for drinks, dinner, and fun with finger puppets. Lots of friends […]

AidJoy gets Social-with-Media

Social Media. Now, I don’t have much of a problem with “social”, and I certainly don’t mind “media”, but you put the two together and all of a sudden I think of incessant tweets and gobs of pointless You Tube comments. Two weeks ago a friend of mine introduced me to a video on You […]

Exploring Healthcare in the Amazon Jungle

My breathing and heart rate accelerate as the guard puts his key in the padlock holding the doors shut.  The lock opens, the chain drops, the doors swing wide and the stampede begins.  The crowd at the front of the line surges forward as though it were a single animal.  Behind them, a thousand anxious […]