Huayruro Seed Bracelets

Huayruro Seed Bracelets

About Huayruro Seeds

The Huayruro plant is native to Peru, and has been an important part of Peruvian culture for centuries. Huayruro seeds are found in pods in the tall trees of the Peruvian rainforest. The red and black seeds are said to bring good fortune and abundance, while warding off negative energy. The mixture of black and red on the seeds is also said to bring balance. Locals collect the seeds that fall to the jungle floor. We often find jars of lucky Huayruro seeds in people’s homes.

Bracelets & Gifts

Peruvians make Huayruro seed bracelets to keep people safe from harm. A gift of a Huayruro seed bracelet is a wish for the recipient to have a happy and prosperous life.

Our Jewelry Artist

AidJoy has commissioned a jewelry artist in Peru to weave Huayruro Bracelets with slip knots to accommodate almost every size wrist. We hope they bring you and yours good fortune and abundance!

Purchasing Bracelets

Step 1: Donate to AidJoy by check or online

$45 – One Bracelet
$75 – Two Bracelets
$100 – Four Bracelets

P.O. Box 2531
Greenville, South Carolina

Step 2: Call or email us and let us know to whom to send the bracelets.


* Note a: Huayruro is pronounced [Why-RU-RO]

* Note b: The bracelets are made of seeds and they don’t farewell in the water. If the seeds are submerged in water they will become soft and faded.