Huayruro Seed Bracelets

Inspired Gifts

Inspired gifts can be hard to come by. What better way to reflect the spirit of the season and give something that’s truly meaningful with a Christmas gift by AidJoy!


Huayruro Bracelets

Donate $50 or more, and we will send your chosen recipient a unisex, huayruro bracelet, along with a note of thanks for their support of AidJoy’s work saving lives and changing communities for the better. Donate $75, and we will send off two bracelets; donate $100 and we will send four!
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Peruvian Finger Puppets

For the kids in your life (or for the kid in you), donate $50 and we will send you a set of 5 Peruvian finger puppets.

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Call or email after you have donated and we will have the puppets or bracelets (along with a personalized note) on their way to your friends and family in time for Christmas.

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Huayruro Bracelets and Peruvian Finger Puppets