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Over 60 dedicated volunteers help create the vision of AidJoy.

Photographers, web developers, journalists, graphic designers, and politicians unite as humanitarians to deliver the message of AidJoy. Being a volunteer isn’t the only way to help- share one of our blog posts, or “retweet” to your Twitter followers!



Increased awareness of our mission helps spread the message of our current project, Project Amazonas (, as we travel to Peru next month to document the need for healthcare and resources in the Amazon.


Please, help us reach our $30,000 goal for March.

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FACT: The Amazon covers 2.5 million miles, about the size of the USA west of the Mississippi.

FACT: Right now 75% of the Peruvian Amazon is open to oil exploration and extraction.

AidJoy’s documentary journalism is a radical action. Radical enough to stop 75% percent of this rainforest from becoming a larger version of the Rio Corrientes.

Our work is made possible through individual contributions. We have $45,000 left to raise. Every donation, regardless of size, is greatly appreciated.

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